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Dromos (=road in English) is the "child" of Alexander Christaras and Michael Nivolianitis which also became the soundtrack for the homonymous Greek movie. Remixes by Sillyboy, Lowtronik, Astralon and Manzulaman are included, adding a special perspective of the original compositions.

Remarkable is the first collaboration between DNA and Elli Paspala, a well-known Greek singer, performing “Min fovitheis” .
Artemis 1932 is responsible for the artwork.

Track list

1. Min fovitheis
2. Stasi 1i
3. Lowtronic Remix
4. Stasi 2i
5. Astralon Remix
6. Stasi 3i
7. Stasi 4i
8. Sillyboy Remix
9. Stasi 5i
10. Manzulaman Remix
11. Stasi 6i
12. Min fovitheis


© Dna label 2007

Δρόμος / Dna

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