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Greek musician Dimitri Mikelis is releasing his first solo album titled Oudopia.
This event marks his return on the Greek scene after 15 years spent first in the U.S.A. and then in Palestine,  where he taught piano and oud at the Al Kamandjati Association.

Before of this Dimitri published several records with the bands Occasional Dream and Mitz Jazz Quintet.  

As the title of the new album suggests, the  leading instrument  is the oud, well accompanied by both classical and traditional instruments such as piano, violins, cello, qanun etc.

The album was recorded in Ramallah, in Palestine, by Dimitri Mikelis and a group of local and international musicians.
The result is a unique piece of world music, where the roots stretch into mediterranean and african music, making Palestine the emotional centre for all the music. 


The publication of the physical album is supported by AM QATTAN foundation

The album is also available on all major digital streaming platform and libraries by Dna Label.

Oudopia / Dimitri Mikelis

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    Choose 7 to 10 days to pick up.

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